Branding, web design, and messaging work for the victim identification software tool created by Allies Against Slavery, an organization dedicated to helping communities create solutions to human trafficking and modern slavery.

An in-depth description of the work can be found here:



Rare Breed Institute is a Dallas-based performance enhancement center focused on progressive fitness, muscle recovery, rehab, and personal growth. I created their logo below.




Viking Ninja is a fitness system created by Onnit trainer Erik Melland. The system is designed for conceptual programming toward warrior training, inspired by his Norwegian and Korean heritage. Training methods include steel mace complexes to generate more stability and rotational power output. Bodyweight complexes are also included to build strong structure.

I am currently creating the visual identity for Viking Ninja, inspired not only by Erik's expertise and enthusiasm, but also by my own Scandinavian heritage. Erik's following continues to grow daily and I am excited at the opportunity to help build this brand.







This 2015 redesign was prepared as a short-turnaround design assignment as a representation of my skills with no more than a few hours of effort. The objectives of this assignment are as follows: 

1. To make new users aware of the benefits of the CrossFit training program and provide location information for joining. 

2. To demonstrate streamlined interaction, clean information architecture, and compelling visual design




I approached this assignment by conducting basic preliminary research. The subject of CrossFit is one consistently seen across various social media platforms, as well as through signage and marketing in various retail and city landscapes. Though I have several friends who are avid participants, I find that I prefer my traditional athletic endeavors and have never joined an affiliate gym. My findings through research, however, have certainly piqued my interest in this strength and conditioning movement.



The next step was to analyze the existing CrossFit website and breakdown its strengths and weaknesses. The existing website design is visually dense and cluttered. There is no clear hierarchy of information and users can become easily lost and frustrated. Unfortunately, in situations like this, many users choose to leave the site rather than continue their navigation efforts.

Current CrossFit site: 





One of the most time-consuming tasks of this assignment was choosing an accurate cover photo to successfully portray the key fundamentals behind the CrossFit ethos. Many of the photos in my search were comprised of solitary athletes in bland gyms, achieving their fitness goals alone. CrossFit members pride themselves on upholding a tradition of an all-inclusive community that works and grows together. Affiliate gyms are balanced with both male and female members who train in unison and do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, or athletic ability. I chose this particular cover photo because I felt it truly emphasized community, balance, strength, and focus. The large text across the center serves as a mantra to inspire new and currents users alike. Mantras are used often in CrossFit for motivation and it is common to see these phrases adorning the walls of CrossFit gyms.



I tested two different styles of menus but ultimately chose the one that displays the navigation links in a central view when the shortcut in the upper left is clicked. This is a less common style that places more focus on the navigational options that appear, rather than the cover photo and text. I felt that the links in the more commonly-used sidebar menu were prone to being lost visually. An email signup form with an inspirational message was added to help build excitement over this growing fitness movement.



The Explore segment of this site is essential to the newcomer, as it provides them with a better understanding of the foundations of CrossFit. Areas of interest would include historical and background information, tips on technique, the equipment used in training, and visual representations of measuring progress and performance metrics. This kind of information is necessary for new users as it will provide users with a thorough understanding of the sport and will ward off any lingering doubts of ability related to inexperience. For seasoned vets, it will act as both a refresher and a motivator.



When a category is clicked, a full-screen window will rise up and fully immerse the viewer. Text complete with CrossFit mantras will hold readers' attention as they explore the article. 

Scrolling will close the existing article and bring the other category choices back in place. Clicking the X icon will close the Explore section completely and will return the user to the main menu.



As one of the major objectives of this assignment, the ability to locate nearby gyms is something that needed to be fresh and exciting for new users. I chose to arrange gym locations in a grid pattern and organize them by states. 

The state names are highlighted in hover state. A click will cause the row below to drop down, and a new window will pop up in its place. 


This window will include an interactive state map that highlights gym names and locations by city. Both location and contact information are included in this view. This tool is designed to be a simple and gratifying method of discovering affiliate gyms in their home state, as well as gyms during travel.



A workout section on the website will provide users with the latest and most proven workouts, or WODS. This view shows photo columns with workout choices and durations.


A workout section on the website will provide users with the latest and most proven workouts, or WODS. This view shows photo columns with workout choices and durations.

Clicking on a workout will reveal a full-screen video sample loop of one of the exercises. This keeps the user engaged, educated, and is another motivational approach to this website design.


Following the video loop, a detailed description of the workout will appear, complete with full-length videos, tips on technique, and advice on completing the workout to the best of one's ability.


A section with supplemental information is the final component of my short-turnaround assignment. Hoverstates will reveal color blocks that lead into full-screen displays of particular categories. This section is designed to house items for the seasoned CrossFit user, with links to pages on CrossFit Games, message boards, and certifications.




Pleasure Monkey Podcast is focused on seeking out individuals that are living fulfilling lives through an authentic expression of their values. The podcast is a platform for them to tell their stories, challenge ideas, and share their perspective in hopes of helping all of us.

I created the branding and design weekly social posts. The following continues to grow and plans for apparel and further branding are in development.




I worked as a footwear design intern at New Balance in 2011. I helped develop production shoe models for the Walking + Wellness team based on current trends, fit, cost, aesthetics, feasibility, sustainability, and technology for six months. I conducted consumer research on trends and colors and produced prototype and concept options with engineers and developers.



Chair design based on military tanks. Constructed by bolting CNC-cut wooden slats to a central aluminum frame of sand-cast aluminum. Created under the direction of Professor Randall Wilson at Otis College of Art + Design.






CAD modeling exercise for Apple's Industrial Design department in 2015. All work created with Rhino3D and Keyshot.





A quick-turnaround 2015 design challenge from Kickstarter success story, Sparx Hockey, makers of professional-quality home skate sharpeners. The challenge involved building the brand and bringing it to life so that every hockey player will be proud to be associated with Sparx. In addition, the challenge included creating a graphical/illustrated representation to guide users through the process of checking their skate blades for sharp edges. 



Bistro table designed and created for Patagonia's bistro concept. A topographic map is laser-engraved into the table surface. The table platform is secured to a steel powder coated base that I cut and welded.




Hand-carved turntable concept based on the music of the Grateful Dead. High density foam with iridescent paint and LEDs.